Maybelline - The Rocket Mascara

Hey ladies, today I thought I would share my mascara ventures with you. About 2 months ago, my Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara ran out so I decided to try out a different mascara. I am a bit of a novice when it comes to mascara so I wanted to see which ones would work well for me.

It was around the time new launches were taking place all over high street brands so I was pretty spoil for choice. Infact I ended up making a list of mascara's I want to try. The first one I decided to give a go was from Maybelline and it was their new The Rocket Mascara.

This was my first maybeline mascara. I have herd such good things about this brand that I had really high hopes for this.

I do like this mascara, it does a good job. It lengthens the lashes and adds volume. I do think it could have offered a bit more volume in my opinion because that is what I look for in a mascara but it did add some volume.

The wand is a standard wand. It took me a while to get use to it as I was use to a bigger wand. It did rub against my lashes sometimes when I applied it and did smudge a little but that might be my clumsy application!

What I really didn't like about it was how hard it is to take off. I had to rub around my eyes a little bit more than usual to make sure it all came off which isn't good for the skin at all.

I hasn't stopped me buying another maybeline mascara though!

Overall I would give this mascara about 7/10. It wasn't terrible but I will not be in a rush to repurchase it soon.

You can get this mascara from Boots of Superdrug. It retails for £7.99 which isn't a bad price for a mascara.

Have you tried this mascara? what do you think?

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