Make Up Monday - Priming it up

Hey lovelies sorry this post is being published a little later than usual. I 've had a hectic day filled with revision and errands.

Today's post is all about priming your skin. Primer is not something I had herd off as being important till I started blogging. I cannot tell you how much of a different it makes especially if you have bad skin. For those of you that don't know what a primer is it is pretty much adding a base on your skin before applying a foundation/ BB cream/  Tinted moisturiser. It makes sure your pores are not clogged giving you a better flawless complexion. There are so many on the market ranging from makes such as Nivea to MAC's prep and prime. 

If you have temperamental / problematic skin it may be worth looking in to higher end ones as from what I know they tend to be better for that skin type.

The one I personally like at the moment is by one of my favorite brands. It is the Loreal Lumi Magique primer. I love this because not only does it prime my skin but it also gives a lovely glow. I sometimes wear it on it own when I have no make up days.

Another primer which I feel is a must is an eye primer. I have already mentioned the MUA primer here which is a big stable in my make up bag. Eye primers make sure that your eye shadow is kept in place and it does smudge or crease. If you have oily eye lids I would definitely recommend you use a eye primer.

Do you use primers? which is your favorite?

Lots of love

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