February Wish List

Hey lovlies, this is my beauty wish list for this month. I won't be getting any of them anytime soon but a girl can window shop :) 

1 - Wet and Wild eye shadow
I have herd so much about this brand! especially their eye shadows. For those of you who may not know wet and wild is an American drug store brand. Unfortunately, they don't sell there products here but this is called a beauty wish list :P

2 - Korres Lip Butters
I am a huge sucker for a good lip balm. I like keeping my lips hydrated and soft. I have read a lot about this range from Korres and I am dying to try it out! 

3 - MAC Plum Dressing eye shadow
This is a lovely pink shimmery colour that I saw when I was just browsing the MAC counter a while ago. It's been on my mind ever since. I don't own any MAC eye shadows at the moment but if I started collecting them this would be my first. 

4 - NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl
I have officially fallen in love with the brand NARS. After being treated to a birthday treat I looked in to them more and really want to try more of their products as they are good quality. They are a bit on the expensive side but if the products are good and long lasting providing I have the spare cash I don't mind investing. I swatched Dragon Girl on my hand and OH MY GOOD GOD I fell in love with the colour but also the texture. I am usually weary of lip pencils being harsh but this was so soft! 

There you have it! my beauty wish list for this month. What products are you lusting for right now? 

Lots of love 

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