Fashion Friday - 1 dress, 2 looks

Hey ladies for this weeks fashion friday, I thought I would tell you about this dress I brought from Primark. I am always looking for dresses because I can never find ones that I want to buy. I also look for versatile wardrobe staples.

As part of my course, I have to do some work experience so I have that at the back of my mind when I'm shopping. This is dress I can wear everyday or when I look smart casual. I love finding clothes that I can make multiple uses out of. After all if it is good enough for Kate Middleton, it is definately good for the rest of us.

For a casual everyday kind of look, I teamed the dress up with a grey jumper and would wear it with leggings and ankle boots.

Dress - Primark £15
Jumper - Primark £10

Then for a more smart casual sort of look I teamed the dress up with a black blazer. A red one would work too if you prefer that. I would again wear this with leggings and some simple either black or red flats.

Dress - Primark £15
Blazer - Strawberry Moon - £20

I love this dress! I am obsessed with polka dots so when I saw this I knew I had to have it. I need some more dresses so if any of you have bought any I would love to hear about them. This looks is also a good way to go from a work look to a casual dinner kind of look if you wanted too.

Lots of love

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