Cosmo Beauty Magazine

Hey ladies so for today's post I wanted to tell you all about a recent find of mine. Actually it is something that I herd and knew about for a long time but took me a while to track down.

You all have herd of Cosmopolitan magazine. It's one of my favourite magazines. I have a subscription to it too which I love receiving in the post each month. Anyway this month they decided to bring out a beauty magazine called Cosmo beauty.

Yes, that's right an entire magazine dedicated to Skincare, make up tips and a lot more.

I saw it at the beginning of the month but I didn't have any change at the time so I couldn't get. Ever since I have been trying to find it but couldn't find it anywhere!

Then the other day I found it at my local WHSmith so quickly grabbed it came home made a cuppa and enjoyed sitting my the heater reading it (yes I am an old heart aha)

It retails for £5.99 and although the price might put you off I know if you love beauty it is definitely worth getting. It is really easy to get in to and read. I found many tips on applying make up and different looks I want to try when I get time.

This is quite a short post but I thought I would share this with you all as many of you might be interested in it.

What are you favourite magazines to read? Let me know!

Lots of love