Thank You!

Today my little blog reached a milestone that I could only have dreamed off when I started blogging.

I was taking a break form revising and  I found that I reached 100 followers!!! Seriously can you believe that?! It would not have been possible without you all of you and I just want to say MASSIVE  thank you  for taking the time to read my rumblings.

When I frst started blogging I could not have imagined how it much it has changed my life. As cheesy as it sound I am really passionate about it. I really enjoy putting time and effort that goes in to my posts and the fact that you all are interested in it fills me with immense happiness. I seriously cannot stop smiling.

I have met some amazing and lovely bloggers in real life and on twitter who I genuinely think of as friends and that is something that would not have been possible without all of enjoying my blog.

So as a way to say thank you I will be doing a little giveaway next week so make sure you all you all keep an eye out for it and thank you again!

Lots of love

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