Skincare Sunday - My dry hand saviours

If you know me you will know that I am prone to dry hands. I got eczema on them about  4 years ago so I pay more attention to my hands now so I don't get it again. I thought I would share with you how I try to do that as I know hands can get be one of the most neglected parts of the body and as we use them quite a lot we should pay more attention and care to them.

Hand Cream!
This is essential to me. There are quite a few decent hand creams at the drugstores which I like and do not cost a lot. My favourites are Nivea Pure and Natural and Soap and Glory's hand food (both of which I have reviewed) I do try out new hand creams a lot though. Just read the ingredients! If you are looking for a slightly more expensive one Kiehls hand cream is highly recommended. the hand creams come in such small cute dinky bottles which are easy to grab and put in our handbags, coat pockets or make up bags so we really don't have an excuse to not have one on us all the time. I carry around mine with me pretty much everywhere.

Yellow Rubber Gloves
When my eczema returned a couple of years ago I decided to grab a pair of these. I do the majority of washing up at home and there are a lot of dishes. When you are constantly washing up in warm water it can leave your hands quite dry afterwards. So I decided to get a pair of these to try and minimise this. they only cost like a pound from the local corner shop and the quality is not too bad at all. My latest pair have lasted me a while. If you are prone to dry hands and you wash up a lot I would recommend investing in these.

Outdoor gloves
The wind is harsh on our skin, we all know that. In the winter especially it can get really hard and dry our hands up. That is why investing in a good pair of gloves is worth it. Personally I find that the knit ones although the patterns are really nice do not always keep my hands warm so I have to pair them with the pair of black gloves in the above picture. There are also some slightly expensive gloves that are wroth investing in which I will do but I already had these so why waste money?

How do you keep your hands from getting dry?

Lots of love

ps - This week will be filled with birthday posts as my birthday is tomorrow so I apologise in advance!

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