Plans for 2013

I don't really make resolutions as such at the beginning of the year but 2012 has been...challenging in many different ways so instead of making resolutions I have made plans of things I want 2013 to bring. I know a lot of people focus on physical health at this time of year and there is nothing wrong with that but I decided to focus on my mental health as I didn't really pay attention to it in 2012.

I thought I would share them with you and then this time next year see how successful I was.

Smile more - 2012 saw me smile less for one reason or another so this year I have decided I need to change this and go back to being happy and smiley again. I use to smile and be happy generally a lot so this would allow me to go back to being myself.

Take more risks - For some reason I took less risks this year which is not like me so this needs to change sharpish so I can get back on my A game!

Get an 'Adult' Job - At the moment I am studying to be a journalist and when I am done in a few months I would love to be in the position I would love to be on the way to making that happen.

Re do my room - I have wanted to have my room re done for the past couple of years and although I have done bits and bats it is still not exactly the way I would like it. I have started this finding stuff in the sales so I hope I can continue to do this throughout the year.

Spend more time with friends - Life can get busy and you can end up neglecting yourself and your needs to just relax and take a step back with your friends. This year I thought doing this was selfish and I shouldn't be doing this for one reason or another. I have since realised you need a balance and that it is ok to spend time just talking and not doing much with your favorite people.

Save Up - This will be hard as a blogger! but I really want to go to see my grandparents in Canada so I would love to be able to save up for this (although I do not know how realistic this is at the moment)

Fingers crossed I can get all these things on the list done. If I do I can say 2013 has not been a waste :)

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