Maybelline 24hour colour tattoo - On and on bronze

Since discovering my love for my Benefit Creamless Eye Shadow I starting to come around to the idea of cream eye shadows more and more.

So I was really happy when Maybelline's 24 hour colour tattoo's made their way from the states. I had herd a lot of good things about them so I couldn't wait to get my hands on one.

If you haven't dealt with the cream eye shadows before these are the best place to start. Half the price of Benefit Creamless Eye shadows but just as good quality. Personally like the colour range Maybelline offers more.

I got the colour on and on bronze 35 which is a really creamy everyday neutral colour. It does have shimmer in it but I like that and it works during the day. It isn't too strong.

As the name would make you think the lasting power is incredible. I had it on today without an eye primer (i was in a rush and forgot to put some on! Opps!) and it stayed in place still I got home about 3-4 hours later when I took it of. (It also took me ages to get the swatch off my arm!)

I usually wear it on it own as I like the colour and it very pigmented so you can do that quite well. I have paired it with other colours too and it works and blends well with other colours easily. .

The only draw back is that the UK does not have all the colours available to us yet but other than that I am definitely starting up a little collection of these wonderful eye gems :)

What do you all think of cream eye shadows? Let me know!

Lots of love

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