Make up Monday - Eyebrows

Now Im pretty low maintenance (or at least I think I am) so I never thought I would the type of girl who would need to pay attention to her eye brows.

My eyebrows have never been perfect far from it but they didn't really bothered me.

Now though that's all changed.

About 7 months ago I looked in to getting an eye brow pencil. I have thin fine hairs so I just needed something to fill them it. Although the drawn on look can work for some in most cases it doesn't. I wanted a natural look so I took to twitter and YouTube for recommendations.

I have never looked back in fact it has highlighted how important it is to pay attention to your brows. I don't leave the house without filling them in a little.

I thought I would share how I do this as its really simple and takes little to no time.

What you need:

I use the black in my Sleek Oh so special palette and an angle brush by Barry M

I put a little bit on my brush the tap it lightly before putting in on the eyebrows.

When you apply it for the natural look go in the direction of your natural re shape ok small swift strokes.

Once you are satisfied with the shape you can move on to the other eyebrow.

You can then go through it with a eyebrow gel or a brow groomer to make sure it lasts.

This is an before and after shots of my own eyebrows



It takes practise but mistakes are so easy to rectify when I make a mistake I just take a cotton bud dab it with water and remove the part I messed up. That way the rest of your make up doesn't move and you end up with te eyebrow you want

How do you all do your eyebrows?

Lots of love

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