Instagram #5



This month has been busy! I promise to start taking more pictures by the way about what I get up too.

1 - Cleaning out my room going through my memory box. 
2 - One of my favourite meals mama's lasagne with some salad - yummmm! 
3 - I did some presenting on a recorded show this month on my local radio
4 - Breakfast at dinner time is the best! Activia pouring yoghurt with oats and raspberries
5 - Collage of some of my favourite pictures through the years with the best people.
6 - Starbuck catch up with the bestest are always amazing 
7 - I got some origin samples this month and fell in love with them!
8 - lazy sunday morning eating breakfast, reading company magazine and watching Graham Norton
9- Holiday films <3 home alone is the best
10 - I got some Soap and Glory Goodies which I will talk about soon! 

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What have you all been up too this busy holiday month? send me links to your instagram posts!

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