Food Friday - Healthy lifestyle tips

So for my first food friday post I thought I would tell you about how I eat and how I try and eat healthy. I would say I eat healthy about 80% percent of the time. I am not the pinacle of healthy but I have learnt a few things I thought I would share.

Food is something we all need yet our relationship with it changes over time as we grow up. I am not saying these tips to get you all to change your diet and become a size 8. (personally I don't think a particular size is right for every single person) but eating healthy makes you feel better on the inside, it gives you fresh energy.

I also think there is so much information out there on the internet it is very easy to get the wrong information and damage your body instead of doing good. Bare in mind I am not a specialist, these are just tips I have found but if you want expert knowledge the best thing to do is to go to a dietician.

Eat Fresh
By this I mean make the food yourself. Try and not to buy ready meals which tend to be really unhealthy instead why not make it yourself? it wil be a much healthier version and taste incredible. It also means you can control the ingredients used in your food.

Calorie Counting
Speaking from experience I would say to try not to calorie count (unless you are really unhealthy and been told to by the doctor) if you are a healthy weight I would personally stay clear from focusing on the calorie content on your meal. It can become a bit too obsessive and you can damage your body however keeping an eye on it won't do harm just be careful!

Fat is good for you
yes, you read right. We get told that fat is not good for you. For the most part this is true saturated fats which are typically found in foods like chocolate, butter and oil in excess is bad for you. It is ok to have once in a while though so don't just skip them.

There are fats however that are essential to our body, these are good fats usually found in Fish, Eggs, nuts such as Almonds. These are the fats that our needs for our muscles to work properly and keep us going. Eat as much as these kind of foods as you can.

Don't cut food groups out.
If you are healthy and are not allergic to anything do not skip out on certain food groups. dairy for example, our bodies need calcium. I am not saying eat full fat cheese or drink whole milk but drink skimmed milk and cheese low in saturated fat. Don't just ban it from your diet altogether.

Make your lunch
Buy a sandwich for lunch at work or university? make it from home. You can eat your favourite lunches and save a tonne of unhealthy ingredients simply by making the stuff you like from home. There will be more fresh even healthy options like a tune salad sandwich is healthier by being a made at you end up saving a lot of money.

Eat Breakfast
Now I am not telling you to have a big meal especially if you are not a morning but having a toast with your cup of tea in the morning or a small bowl of cereal really does make a difference. I am speaking from experience. I use to only have a cup of tea in the morning before lessons or lectures which meant I was hungry and snacking on junk. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism and gives you energy to start your day.

Do not skip meals. 
Going out for dinner so you decided not to have lunch? bad choice! You can end up eating a lot less and feeling really sick. Your body needs small amounts of food through out the day not only will you feel better you will probably enjoy your day more too! Ideally we should all have 3 meals a day and at least 2 snacks.

Everything in moderation
Love chocolate? eat it...just not 5 bars a day. Love it just not in excess. No food is unhealthy for you it is more that some foods you need more off such as fruit and veg and other foods are not needed as much.

Eat Carbs
Carbohydrates give your body energy and you need it in every meal you eat in fact the NHS food balance chart says you need it just as much as fruit or veg. There are healthier carbs than others but do not stop eating them.

So those are my tips for some healthy eating that I am sure your body will love you for. Like I said I am  not expert and this is not a diet plan of any kind. These tips are just to ensure that you keep care of your body so you can feel good.

The rest of my food friday posts will be some of my favourite recipes, some healthy some not so healthy.

How do you stay healthy?

Lots of love