FIlm Review: Les Mis

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I haven't done a film review in ages I hope you enjoy reading this :)

Les Mis has to be the most anticipated film of January and it definitely deserves that status.

I didn't know much about the story beforehand but that didn't stop me from enjoying the film. So don't let that put you off either. Even if you haven't sen the musical at theatre it is worth going to watch.

The story was emotional, I laughed, I cried and was emotionally glued to the film . The story is set in 1800's in France and it talks about the rich and poor and how one man decides to change his fate. The films in two parts. The first part is quite dense in religion and french history which is typical for the time and the second sections talks about the French Revolution which being a political geek I rather enjoyed :)

The acting in the film is beyond incredible from the opening scene till the credits. Everyone knows Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe were incredible and they definitely do deserve any awards they are nominated for this season but I want to give a huge shout out to the rest of the cast. Everyone in the film from the children to Samantha (who was in Andrew Llyod Webber's show nancy) deserve every ounce of credit too.

If you're worried this film is too musical the songs are incredible. Tom Hopper did a great job in directing it. All the actors who sang live by the way were phenomenal. He really captured the authenticity  of the story allowing a whole new generation to fall in love with it.

If you want any indication of how amazing the film was after it ended there was total silence in the cinema then all clapped which I have never seen before at all.

Let me know if you have seen it :)

Lots of love

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