The McFly Show

If you know me, you will know that McFly is one of my favorite bands in the entire world. Not just because they are extremely attractive men (which lets face it, they are) but also because they are extremely talented musicians. I have been fortunate to see a few bands live and McFly by far is the best I have been too.

Given all this, it is no surprise I made my entire family watch the show they made that aired last Saturday on ITV1. By the end of it, my sister was looking up tickets to see them live and My parents were in stitches.

The show had everything that made McFly well...Mcfly in it! Amazing music. great banter and humour  and hilarious guest stars.

They played all the major hits such as It's all about you, Obviously, Shine a light to name a few. They also talked about personal things and didn't take themselves too seriously either. Tom made fun of the fact he wet himself as a kid on stage once. Danny made fun of his knowledge in a game Danny is a Loser. (Which he isn't by any stretch of imagination)

There was a special dance featuring the very toned Harry and...a special guest who I won't name.

Does that not entice you to watch it? It should but if it doesn't take a look at a preview they posted earlier.

You can catch The McFly Show on ITV Player...Happy viewing!

Lots of love
Nafisah xo

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