Taylor Swift- I knew you were trouble

Now I am a huge Taylor Swift fan as it is but i really love her latest album red. (Review coming up) it is a different direction than you would expect to hear for her the songs are amazing. The lyrics still ooozzee Taylor making them heartfelt as always.

I knew you were trouble is the biggest departure from the Taylor Swift music we know yet. It's more edgy than cute and more dramatic than ever. Personally, I really like the song and the video creates emotions that most people usually feel...just not as extreme.

The song is about a toxic relationship. Being in love with someone who is no good for you and how you keep going back to them. The lyrics and the music accompanying it makes the song catchy as the rest of Taylor Swift.

You can buy this song on itunes and it is on her latest album red.

What do you all think of this song? What is your favourite song of Taylor Swift's?
Let me know!

Lots of love

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