Nivea Raspberry Rose lip butter

I love a good lip balm and Nivea lip balms have not been a favourite of mine since I was 13. Then I saw this new line they have just brought out and I knew I had to try this.

First thing first, the smell is incredible! I was literally just standing at the stand smelling it, it was that lovely. It kind of reminds me of a sweet raspberry dessert. It is quite addictive! I keep it in my make up bag even if I am not going to use it that day. I always find myself going to smell it.

As a lip balm, it is not my favourite but it is not my worse either. It does the job that you expect from a lip balm. It helps keep your lips nourished. It is a tad thick and for everyday use not a smooth flowing on your lips as others. It is a great lip balm to put under a lipstick as it stays in place too.

They also have a caramel flavour as well as an plain one too both of which smell incredible.

It retails at boots for £2.25 and is worth trying if you like a lip balm.

Lots of love

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