My beauty firsts tag.

I saw this tag made by Anna and Lily and I instantly fell in love in it and knew I had to do it as a blog post. There video's are amazing so check them out and you can watch them doing this tag here. 

What is your earliest beauty memory? 
I remember a few from around the same time actually. They all happened when I was about 10 - 11 years old. I remember watching my mum putting make up on when there was a special occasion and being in awe of all the products. I use to sleepover at my cousin's house which usually ended up with us planning to open a salon and trying on loads of nail polish and make overs :P

What was your first beauty purchase?
I got given a pack of kiddie lipsticks for my 11th birthday from an aunt which was when my lipstick obsession started! and my first actual purchase that I asked for was of course... you guessed it a lipgloss from Miss Sporty.

When did you first start wearing make up?
I would say from about the age of 19 which is quite late actually is when I started to wear make up properly and by that I mean tinted moisterisers and blushes and stuff but growing up I was allowed to wear a little of my mum's make up on special occasions such as Eid (it was very subtle) and I of course wore lipstick when I was not at school but other than that I did not wear much.

What was your first beauty disaster?
I have had a few so I cannot really remember. It was probably a gold lipstick I thought looked amazing on me. I don't think I would be purchasing the same colour now.

Who was your first beauty crush?
It was probably Tiffani Amber Thessien as Kelly Kapalski. I remember admiring her fashion sense and her make up looked flawless but to be honest. It is only within the last few years I would look at someone's make up.

What is your first brand crush?
This is an easy one, it has to be MAC. My mum use to love them back in the day and I guess she past that down to me.

What is your longest standing beauty love?
Again, this is a pretty easy one for me too. It has be MAC lipsticks. I still love them to this day.

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