Soap and Glory Scrub Actually.

I know this is not a new product from the beauty skincare company but it was my first Soap and Glory product and I have to say I love it.

I brought it about a month ago now and I could tell the difference in my skin almost immediately but decided to try it out for a while before I told you about it just incase I was imagining it aha.

First of all this smells amazing like the rest of their products. It is made with brown sugar, white sugar, natural apricot kernel oil as well as kukui oil, mango butter and vitamin E. Together they smell great. It is a pink beaded gel like constancy so it is great if you are new to using body scrubs or find them too grainy.

The tube lasts a long time. I use it at least twice a week all over and I still have three quarters of it left. At £7.00 it is definitely worth investing in.

I noticed the difference straight away. My skin felt smooth and moisturised. This is something that lasted and one of the reasons I love the product. It is especially useful for those sort of dry skin areas such as elbows or the heels of your foot. I make an extra point to put an extra bit there and I have to say it really makes a difference after a couple of applications the dryness is pretty much gone!

It is suitable for all skin types too, which is a bonus of the Soap and Glory products as anyone can use them.

I will be buying this again as well as trying out more of their products (which I have already started to do)

Have you tried this product or any other Soap and Glory scrub? if you have let me know what you think of them.

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