Simple Kind to skin facial cleansing wipes

I know Make up wipes may not  the best thing for your skin but I find them to be the best way to take my make up fully before I cleanse and moisterise my skin.

I previously used Nivea make up wipes, which I love but I am always wanting to try new things and thought I would give simple make up wipes a try as they are decent drugstore skincare brand.

I use to use them as a teenager and didn't really like them as much. This time around I absolutely love them.

They are alcohol free, which means that it is not too harsh on your skin as some make up wipes can be. They are moist too so you don't feel like your face is being dried up from the wipe either. That feeling stays even after you have finished using the wipe.

It is also usable around the eye's which I like and believe it or not, not every make up wipe has this capability. I found these wipes the best and most sensitive to use around my eyes as well as taking all my eye make up off.

What I also love about this product is that it does exactly what I want it too. It completely takes off your make up. Some make up wipes I have tried in the past have not always done this. They have taken the bulk of it off but I have felt like there was still something on my skin.

Simple on the other hand do not do that at all, they literally take off every single ounce of make up I have on my face including my eye liner which is really hard to take off comes off quite easily. I 100% feel clean, fresh and make up free after using these wipes.

I would not suggest just using a make up wipe on your skin, as  I mentioned I cleanse and moisterise too. That is important to keep your skin healthy so make sure you do that.

If you are looking for a easy way to take your make up before you do that, this is a great place to start.
They retail at £3.25 and are on offer at the moment in boots!

Lots of love

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