Manchester Blogging Meet Up

On Tuesday I had the great pleasure of meeting other bloggers at my first ever meet up and I had the most incredible time!

The event was held at Harvey Nichols and was organised by the lovely Katie and Co - ordinated by the wonderful people at Harvey Nichols.

When we got there we were greeted by the staff who were all lovely. They gave us something to drink and some macarrons which were lovely.

It was also really incredible to  finally meet and say hi to people who I had only ever spoken to on bbloggers chats on a sunday evening. Everyone was genuinely lovely and it was great to meet them all.

We had demonstrations of products at the Bobbie Brown counter which had to be one of my favorite demonstrations of the evening. Bobbie Brown is one of my favorite high end brands so I was ecstatic when I herd were going to be able to get to do this.

They introduced us to the world of Bobbie Brown and their products by demonstrating them on the lovely Chelsea.

We also got to look at Skincare with the brands Rodial and Creme De La Mor which was also really interested as I had not seen too much about either brands. I am definitely going to be doing some more research about them as they seem to have some really great products. I am especially interested in looking in to the Rodial Cleansing Water.

We also walked around the other counters that you would expect to be in Harvey Nichols. I especially really like the Stila and YSL stands as the people were friendly and helpful if we had any questions. I mentally made up a list of products from both stands that I would really love to try such as the YSL Glossy Stain which was in my wish list post and the Stila Smudge EyeLiner too which can be smudged very easily and used as an eye shadow.

The night was beautiful, it was a couple of hours with some great girls looking around the counters at Harvey Nichols talking about make up. It ended with a big huge meal at Pizza Hut with a couple of other bloggers. I cannot wait to see them all again as they are all incredible.

I would just like to say a extremely big thank you to the wonderful Katie for getting us all together and to the wonderful people at Harvey Nichols for there amazing night.

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