I know him so well... Mel C and Emma Bunton

Melanie C and Emma Bunton - I know him so well 

Like the majority of people who are my age and were born in the nineties, I was in love with the spice girls. I remember being in primary school on my break, dancing around to their songs with my friends. So I was really happy this year as they have been doing more promotions and been more in the news. The reason being they performed at the Olympics. They also have a theatre production Viva Forever

The other reason is the new duet between Melanie C and Emma Bunton, which I was really excited to hear about. Melanie C is releasing her new CD with songs from the stage which I think show off her amazing vocal ranges quite well.

This song is called I know him so well and  is an old favorite of mine as I studied it in music at school. The song is a soft meaningful ballad. It isn't the kind of song you have herd from Spice Girls but it is just as great.

The feeling in their voices can be felt in their vocals which are beyond incredible in this song. They really make this song intense and full of feeling which is exactly what the song needed.

If you ever wondered why people have not stopped talking about Spice Girls and why they are Britains best girl band, have a listen to this. They can not only sing but genuinely are tremendous artists.

The video is a stripped back no gimics video showing then performing the song in the studio. it really was beautiful and one of the best video's I have seen recently.

What songs are you listening to at the moment? Have you herd this song yet? Let me know

Lots of love

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