Interview with Couture Girl

For all the readers out there who don't know you, tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Kayleigh Johnson and i'm originally from a small town in Cumbria. I currently live in Newcastle and work as a Research and Marketing assistant. I studied Journalism in university and my passion is writing and beauty so I hope to find a job in either of these industries one day. :) 
I'm a very friendly and chatty person so make sure you stop by and say hello. 

How did you first get in to blogging?
I got in to blogging after reading lots of other beauty blogs and absolutely loved them. I've always been addicted to beauty products but I never knew of 'beauty bloggers' who shared their passion with others. As soon as I discovered the blogging world I just had to get involved and that's when I set up couture girl on a cold rainy night last November.

What did you first start blogging about?
When I first started blogging, I blogged all about my favorite beauty products. In my first month of blogging I think I posted at least once, sometimes twice a day as I had SO many products I wanted to share. I've always had a keen interest in the beauty industry so I just wrote about the products I loved and hoped people would read my posts.

When did you first get in to make up and fashion?
I got in to make up and fashion around the age of 12/13 when I was in my second and third year of high school. I've always loved make up as a little girl I would sneakily use my mums expensive Clinique products but my real love for it started as a teenager and it just progressed from there in to a full blown addiction. 

What do you love about blogging?
I love that I can share my passion with similar people. I love that I can be creative and feel inspired. I also love the blogging community and how many truly people lovely people I have met through writing my blog. Receiving comments on my posts or getting emails from a reader asking for advice really does make my day! 

Is there anything you dislike about blogging?
The only thing I dislike about blogging is people who are in it for the wrong reasons! I see blogs being made as a money making tool and as lovely as it is to make a bit of cash here and there, I think passion should be the ultimate reason for writing a blog. I also hate ignorance as well. Bloggers should not get too big for their boots but unfortunately a lot do which is sad. 

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start blogging?
My advice would be GO FOR IT. Before I started my blog I was so worried about what people might think but do you know what? It's the best thing I have done! Blogging has been a real joy for me and i'd  say don't hold back. If you are passionate about go for it. I'd also say to get to know as many other bloggers as you can whether it be via twitter, comments on their posts of by email. Interacting with other bloggers is probably one of the best pieces of advice I could give! 

How has blogging made a difference to your life?
Blogging has made a drastic difference to my life. Not only has it helped my confidence grow but it has also made me realise that beauty/ writing is my passion and what I eventually want to do as a career. I also love how I can express myself and be 100% me without feeling judged or criticised! I also love how many nice people I have met through blogging as I would now class some of them as a genuine friends!

What do you look for when you read other blogs?
When I read other blogs I look for passion, a friendly and open attitude, good quality pictures, a cute design and a blogger who takes the time to acknowledge and chat with their readers. I think all of this combined makes the perfect blog.

Name your favorite fashion and make up brands?
My favorite make up brands would have to be MAC and NARS! I can't get enough of them.

My favorite fashion brands and places I tend to shop the most would be Topshop, Miss Selfridge, H&M, River Island, Misguided and Primark! 

Kayleigh's blog can be found here
You can also follow her on twitter.
Her Instagram is: KayleighCouture

P.S - I just want to say on a side note Couture Girl is one of my favorite and Kayleigh is one of the loveliest people ever too. She is really genuine and I am glad I got to ask her questions so you can all see how lovely she is

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