Breaking Dawn Part 2

The most anticipated movie of the year (after the Dark Knight Rises) has finally come to the big screen this month. Millions of people queued up to watch the midnight showing eagerly awaiting to know what would happen in the world of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

Let me tell you now, the movie did not disappoint. I am a twilight fan but I am not a hardcore one, yet this film was the best out of them all. The storyline was smooth, the effects were amazing and it rounded up the end of the series really well.

The story starts where Breaking Dawn left off - Bella Swan as a vampire and her finding her feet and adjusting to this new life. She does this really well and of course her and Edward are just as loved up as ever.

The Jacob love triangle, which captivated fans throughout the series inevitably ends and we see a happier side to Jacob, which is refreshing.

The film also see's the child Renesme grow in to a little girl in the form of Mackenzie Foy who does really well in what had to be a daunting and wonderful experience to come in too.

The big climax fight scenes as you can tell from the trailers was amazing, the graphics were great and the feelings from the actors within the scenes come across really well.

There is a surprise for the fans at the end of the film, which is so beautifully done. It shows how much the cast genuinely love their fans and how much they are grateful to them for the success of the film.

Over all, although I am a Twilight fan and I am not a fanatic as such yet this film was the best out of all of them and really worth watching.


You can watch the trailer for the film here 

Lots of love