Winter Essentials.

So Autumn/ Winter as graced us with it presence again. It is that time of year where we eat lots of warm yummy unhealthy food along with copious amount of cups of tea.

I love winter, everything about it from the dark nights, warm lovely new trends/ clothes to coming home from a long day and putting on the fire and sitting down with a cup of tea to wind down. (Are you getting the idea I like tea? :P)

As soon as september came around I managed to get some shopping in for some winter essentials.

 Parka coat - £26.00 Primark
I really love Parka coats but I hadn't worn one since I was in school and was afraid it could make me look like a kid again but I really do love it! It keeps you warm from the moment you wear it till the moment you take it off. If you get cold really quickly a parka coat is a definite must have!
This coat impressed me so much I was going on about it for so long after I brought it. I couldn't believe how warm it keeps me. It is lined inside with soft wool which adds to keeping you warm and cosy like you are in the house with the heater on. (I promise this is no exaggeration)

Thermal Socks - £2.50 Primark
My feet get really cold in winter. I use to hardly wear socks, now I hardly take these off! It makes such a difference when you are just around the house. It is amazing how much they can help in keeping you warm. Not only that the cold dry's your skin so when you walk on cold floor it damages your skin. So it is kind of like two in one. This is something that I will use next winter and the winter afterwards as well.

Do you have any winter essentials and if you do, what are they?