Nivea Pure and Natural hand cream

I love a good hand cream. Over the past four years I have suffered with very dry hand leading to excema. So I decided to take care of it properly. The first step was to find a good hand cream. This is easier said than done believe me! I started using the original Nivea Hand Cream but although it the job, I wanted it to do more and help protect my skin. I then started using the E45 Hand Cream which was great for my hands but the bottle was really small and I end up using the entire bottle in the space of the week!

I then decided I need to try something else. I couldn't be forking out nearly £4.00 every week if there was a better hand cream out there. This lead me to find the Nivea Pure and Natural Hand Cream. I became interested in this range when I started using the face wipes and as this has twice the amount (100ml per bottle) and was just £3.05 from boots, I decided to give it ago. 

I am so glad that I did! The hand cream is not greasy even when you put it on your hands which is a complete bonus for me. The others I have tried left my hands feelings a tad greasy for a couple of minitues. It also keeps them feeling moisturised for a long time. 

It claims to smooth and soften skin and it really does do this! It has Argon Oil in it which I think adds to the product being a huge success. There were still times when I used the other creams that I could tell there were area's on my hand it didn't really moisturise. Within the first few times I tried this I could tell the difference straight away.

It has a light sent, which I know some of you may not like but I personally don't mind as it is a fresh kind of smell. (I think it is the argon oil)

The best thing is I don't need loads when I apply it I literally put a bit on my fingers and that is all I need for both my hands. I usually do reapply hand cream a lot during the day, when I have been outside in the cold and after everytime I wash my hands. It is very long lasting as I only brought it last weekend and i stil have 3/4 of it left to use. 

It is hands down the best hand cream I have used and I will be repurchasing this once the tube is finished. 

Do any of you use hand creams and if you do which ones? :)