MAC Lipstick - Craving

If you know me, you will know I love lipstick. The rest of my make up is quite minimal compared to others and natural but I love bright bold lipsticks. This is why I decided to invest in a MAC lipstick. I have known about MAC since I was a little girl as I have always had friends and family use their products and really liked. This is however the first one I have brought.

It is called Craving which is in the amplified formulation which I love. I was using another one that my mum had from like aaages ago in that formulation and absolutely love it. It is a creamy texture yet it is also matte. It is a pinky everyday colour but it is also a colour I can wear if I am just going for a meal with a couple of friends or something not too fancy.

I also love the longevity of this lipstick too. There are many lipsticks out there that really don't last at all which can be quite frustrating but this last for such as long time. I take it out with me but I really only need to reapply it after I have had something to eat other than that I very rarely need to touch it up.

I love the smell and taste of it too, It has a typical MAC lipstick smell which I like too, it feels quite fresh.

This will probably last me a while but when it runs out I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Have you tried any MAC lipsticks? which ones are your favourite?

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