Films to cheer you up

We all have those days when we feel kind of down and cannot be bothered getting out of bed. The most we feel like mustering is getting up for food and cups of tea. Although having too many days like this is not necessarily a good thing allowing yourself to have them once in while to re charge your battery and think about what is bugging you is a good thing.

In my last year of Uni, I was the most stressed I have been in my entire academic life. I am not usually one for stressing out but hey ho it happens to the best to us. As you all know I love films and such so one of the things I did to relieve me from the stress was watch some films that would cheer me up.They range from the entirely girly films to superhero and action films depending on my mood. I am sure you all have your favourite films that you watch to cheer you up. If you don't here are mine :)

High School Musical 3
You can hate me for this if you want but this Disney film has cheered me up quite a lot. I have always liked Disney films so it won't come to a surprise to anyone. I don't know exactly what it is about this particular film either way it made me smile :)

You got Served
Whenever I didn't really need a thinking too much kind of a film this was one I would always like to put on. I like dance films for that reason. They allow you to turn your brain off as the story is usually straight forward and the dancing is usually on point. This film set the bar in terms of dance moves in my opinion. They were sharp, creative everything you need from a dance move.

Sex in the City
Just simply because clothes, a light love story and New York can brighten up most girls days (and Carrie Bradshaw pretty much has my dream job)

Little Women
This is for when I felt ready to give up. I hardly ever get that feeling so experiencing it was new. To combat it I prayed a lot. I also watched/ read things with strong female leads such as this which shows the incredibly talented, Ambitious, born before her time Jo Marsh. It also reminded me of home as the first time I watched the film was with my mum when I was nine.

X - Men First Class
Light, great cast, great storyline, well written and beautifully produced...need I  really say more? oh it reminds me of home and my dad as we both like these kind of films.

Films are a good way to unwind and de-stress in today's world. You can complete block yourself away in to your own little world. This inevitably means no phones while watching the film. Disconnect your wireless internet, make something to drink, grab a snack and enjoy :)

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