Interview with Allie Kingsley


When did you start writing?
I've always enjoyed writing - whether it was writing a letter to a friend or an assignment for class. It wasn't until I started writing The Liar, the B**** and the wardrobe that I considered making a career out of it. 

What made you want to become an Author?
The more time I spent working on my book, the more invested I became in the characters in it. I felt like  they were people who I actually knew  and wanted to introduced to everyone else!

Tell us a little bit about your upcoming book 'The Liar, the B**** and the wardrobe'?
I like to describe it as a fashion - based comedy about a girl who goes for her dream to work in fashion photography. Although it's a light, fun read - there are several life lessons sprinkled in about materialism, friendship and staying true to who you are. 

What was your inspiration behind writing this particular novel? 
I was fascinated by the obsession our society has with celebrity culture. I think that it's interesting how people can idolise others they never have and probably never will meet or get to know. It's one thing to admire and  celebrate someone's talents - It's quite another to put them on a pedestal and worship who they are as people, without  even knowing who they really are on a personal level.

Do you have plans to write another book?
I do! I am working on my second book- which will be a spin off of the characters in the first book...that's all I can say for now!

Do you have a favorite book?
Valley of the dolls is hands down my favorite book.

You also write for the website Hello Giggles, how did that come about? 
I contacted them! I love the positive lady-like community they're building and I appreciate that they are a non tabloid, non snarky site.

What are your other hobbies besides writing?
Photography is my first passion, even before writing. I enjoy hiking, travelling and camping too. 

Is there any advice you could offer aspiring writers?
It sounds simple...but: WRITE! Don't think too much about the strategy or your plans to get published or anything beyond writing. Everything will fall in to place if you carry on putting your work out there - but never let the politics or the process take up most of your pie chart. I meet so many people who say they are writers but they don't have much material because they are so busy pitching and talking about it. I recognise I am new to this industry but I feel like it's safe to say if you want to be a writer: write, write and them write some more. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Allie! 

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