Film Review: Batman, The Dark Knight rises


So I am a bit late with this I know but I finally got to watch what has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated film of the summer.

I finally got to see Gotham city's damaged hero. I was really looking forward to this film for 2 reasons : 1 Batman the Dark Knight was amazing! The Nolan - Bale partnership was incredible and 2 - The cast in this film was set to make it better than ever!

The film starts where the Dark Knight left off...Batman going in to hiding. We also get introduced to the new 'baddie' Bane and his evil ways. Ann Hathaway plays the amazing beautiful catwoman tremendously well. If she wasn't a thief I would want to be her! The film see's the personal struggle Bruce Wayne aka Batman goes through while he comes to terms of exile for the past 8 years. Thanks to  catwoman and Bane he is forced to come out and don his black famous suit.

The film see's Batman, being stuck in a prison in the middle of nowhere while there is a time ticking bomb on Gotham city. People are dying, anarchy is taking place, Gotham City literally breaks. The graphics are amazing.

The film also see's one of my favourite actors Joseph Gordan Levitt as a new character in film. He plays the junior detective who believes in Batman and Mr Wayne. It later comes to light he becomes one of the best known Batman characters. His character is my favourite after Bruce Wayne. Levitt plays the role incredibly well.

The rest of the cast and crew added to the making of the film which so far is one of the best of 2012. The magical touch of Nolan along with the acting excellence of Bale, Hathaway, Levitt and Kane make this film one I was in awe in when I finished watching it.

If you haven't watched it yet, why not? Go now!