Downton Abbey


Downton Abbey is back! I cannot tell you how excited I was the closer sunday was getting. I didn't actually think I would be as hooked on to the show as I am! I jumped on the Downton train pretty late (last year after the second series aired) but I am so glad that I did!

Everything about the show is amazing, one of the best on TV at the moment. Everything from the costumes, the venues, the acting and the writing has been given 110% and even more. That to me is what makes it special and as big as it is. It isn't just a period drama but THE period drama and it is because of all that more. The acting from the entire cast is by far the best I have seen in a long time.

This series starts, where you would expect where the last series left off. A few years have passed and everyone at the Downton are adjusting to life after the war. There is a wedding on the horizon so everyone is busy with that. We also find out what happened to Mr Bates and how Anna is coping. We also see how Sybill and Branson are comping in Ireland and how he is adjusting to the family.

Lady Ediths, relationship with someone unexpected is developing. We also see the arrival of Shirlee Maclane and the start of the showdown between and Maggie Smith is not something to be missed.

So after all that, I only have one thing to say...Can it please be Sunday again?