Today's blog i all about Wigs, and no I don't mean the hair pieces people wear. If you a fan of my Facebook page you will have seen my status the other day about Wigs.

Wigs is a YoutTube channel I found. Most of you will know some of my favorite female characters are heardstrong, honest, kick butt and individual. This YouTube channel features short stories written by different writers about strong female leads. The quality and acting of the videos are incredible. The cast come from A list celebrities such as America Fererra (Ugly Betty) Torian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars - Spencer) and Jennifer Garner ( 13 going on 30) to name a few, 

The stories are deep, complex issues about people, personal lives. For example one of my favorites named Lauren is about a woman who was in the military and was sexually assaulted by her colleagues and the stigma attached to that in the military. Each video is roughly 7 - 10 minutes long and really well written and directed.

Each show is named after the main character. I still need to watch them all from the beginning but I have watched a fair few and absolutely LOVE them. I am going to link you all to the ep of Lauren but check out the entire channel and let me know what you think :). 

This is the first episode of Lauren. there are 3.

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