Vlog Takeover

So recently, I started using my YouTube channel a bit more. By that I mean subscribe to a lot more stuff. It's basically what I use YouTube for.

I casually ended up finding a lot of vlogs. Some crude, some funny, some serious ones and overall I really enjoyed the ones I subscribed too, in fact I,ve been so in to watching them that I decided the world need to know they all exist (although many people will have heed of some of if not all of them) Each of these have inspired me to make my own videos.

Here are a  few of my fave vloggers - let me know what you think!

My bestfriend first introduced me to Fousey's video's but after that a few other people told me to get watching his video's. I like his video's because they are funny. He takes something true in everyday life and exaggerates it a little. Once I found his channel I decided to subscribe. You can tell he spends an entire day making these video's. I also like the fact that even though it looks like he is clowning around his video's can have messages in them which is good because he has a large audience and he is using his platform to talk about things he finds interesting/ passionate to him. (Check out his second channel here) One of my favorite video's of his is here.

Carrie Hope Fletcher
I've already mentioned the lovely Miss Fletcher in a recent post but her video's are just as amazing as her lovely blog is. She talks about everything from Disney and her favorite books to covering a song. She has a incredible voice and personality to go with it. I love how honest and deep some of her video's can be too. It shows that she is a really genuine person.

Charlie McDonnell 
I've only just started watched some of Charlie's video's and I have to say I really like them. He has a quirky sense of humour. His video's are basically about life and what he is up too. His video's are very professional and he has been making video's for a very very long time (5 years if I read YouTube right) so I have a lot to catch up on but I look forward to doing that! If you've been around the YouTube scene a lot you will have no doubt seen his video's. If you haven't, take a look you wont regret it!

Chewing Sand is Hazel's YouTube Channel. She is pretty new to vlogging. This is going to sound weird but I would love to meet her. She literally has similar interest. She is fun and has hobbies (She loves comics and superpower films)  which I find pretty cool and feel like more girls should like them. She is also Intelligent and is aware of things going on in the world and mentions them in her video's. Her video's are a mixture of film reviews/ holiday video's/interview so a general mix really.

I could go on and on but if you haven't watched any of these people's vlogs you really should! You won't be dissappointed. There are loads more but I don't want to do over flow you with too much information so I will  do another post in September about some other vloggers which I love. Don't forget to subscribe to them if you have a YouTube channel!

Enjoy the new world that is vlogging!