The Help

I finally got around to watching The Help. I am a huge Emma Stone fan and was so glad that she made this film. The film takes place in

The film centers around a town called and a young girl who returns as a budding Journalist. This is the role played by Emma Stone. She is fresh out of university and wanting to write something meaningful. After being away for a long period of time she realises that there is story right in front of her. The story is about the mains who are African American and the way they are treated by their 'masters' who are from a 'White' background.

At first the maids are reluctant to speak to her but with the combination of incidents such as wanting new laws and segregated toilets and the fact that she is nothing like the majority of people in her town they slowly begin to talk.

The film is not as straightforward as you would think, there are twists and turns such as love stories, comedy and smart one liners thanks to the like of Octavia Spencer. It definately isn't a chill out kind of the film. The film is designed to make you think, to open your eyes and make you listen. It makes you realise how lucky we are and how things may not have changed as quickly as we would like.

The film was very cleverly written, it showed not everyone is same and reminds us all that we are all human. The acting in it was incredible, there was such a range of roles from the dramatic scenes to the scenes made for comedy to release the tension.

The stars of the film have to be Emma Stone and Octavia Spencer. They both along with the rest of the cast bring their very tuned acting skills to the film. Stone beings the delicate and innocent while Spencer brings the comedy and seriousness to the film.