Song of the week

Good Morning Sunshine - Alex Day

Considering it is Monday tomorrow I thought I would give you a song that is really catchy and makes you want to smile. Alex Day is a very talented singer who sells his music on his own without the backing of a major record label AND has achieved 2 of his song's in the top 20. In a world full of consumerism and big companies this is a phenomenal achievement and like I said his music is really good. He even directed this video with his friends by himself.

This song is all about looking at the positives. It starts off with the main character being sad and down but through the song he sees the good thing in life and the positive aspects in it. There is a quote ' Stand in your light' Which I love so much (I'm a sucker for a good quote) I love the message behind this song. Everytime I listen to this song I cannot get it out of my head. That is a good thing because it makes me happy :)

If you're looking for a feel good song this is the one to listen too. While you're at it you can follow Alex on Twitter and there is a link to his YouTube channel where you can hear more of his songs. You can also buy his CD' on ITUNES so...what you waiting for?  :)

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