No good role models for girls?!

Due to the notion that we live in a 'Celebrity Culture' you would be forgiven to think people believe there are no good role models for young girls. Role models that can show them how to be a good person and that working hard is good. This is apposed to what many people think the likes of reality TV teaches young girls. To be honest, I don't think reality TV stars are really horrible role models. They may not appear to be the best but they most definitely are not the worst. Many own their own business (The girls in The Only Way is Essex and Kim Kardashian all own businesses) You can also argue that they are not being filmed to be role models for young girls. The scenes which they film are purely for entertainment and it is not always entertaining seeing your favorite character at a desk working hard for an hour.

Regardless of this, I still think there are some good role models out there that young girls can look up too and say 'I want to do that' or 'If I work that hard I can do that too' You only need to look at the women athletes competing in this years Olympics to see their determination to succeed and do well. Add in to the fact that there are many actresses out there doing their bit for charity who young girls look up too as well. Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez both work with and help out their chosen charities. Alesha Dixon is the face of Avon's campaign to combat domestic violence. The list can go on and on. These women are all campaigners and are making a difference in other people's lives. Surely that is a good role model?

Not to mention, regardless of the perception that celebrity culture is growing there will always be one woman who girls will see as a reference on living life and someone to look up to and admire...their mothers. Both mothers and fathers play an integral part in a girls life and that shouldn't be forgotten.

So to answer the query no good role models for girls? I would say the exact opposite you might need to look deeper than a television show but they are still out there and stronger than ever!!!!