Tough Times

I was reading the newspaper the other day and there was an article about children and Young People today comapared to the eighties. It got me thinking.

Have things changed since then? I mean in regard to young people and the expectations we have on ourselves and from our parents? Is it fair to compare and contrast two generations who although are facing similar troubles (Living in bad economic times) are living in different era's.

I don't think it is, Young People have new different expectations of what they want out of life and how to get them. Relationships with friends, family are different to what they were then. Education has changed all this means although some of the challenges we face are similar to that of the time of Thatcher. There are different too, It is hard to get on the property ladder and even get a part time job leading many to rely on their parents to help them through their university life and even for a year at least afterwards while they try to take off on their own.

This may have been slightly different in the eighties but does that make it wrong? I don't think it does, it just makes it it's own troubles. There are differant expectations of family and what it means compared to then.

The fact is, I don't think many people who are old enough want to rely on their parents but when they have strong bonds and times are hard have much of a choice apart from being million of pounds in debt without actually having started their life to begin with and that is if they are lucky.