The Bachelor 2012

So Friday saw the new series of The Bachelor begin. I will admit, this is not something I would normally watch but the fact Spencer Mathew is The Bachelor intrigued me. That and the fact twitter was buzzing about it added to me sitting here catching up on it through Demand 5.

My verdict? It added to my confusion about Spencer for starters aha! I go through times when I think he is a tool and others when I think he is a good guy. That's the problem with reality TV I guess you don't actually know the whole story. Anyway, He did really well and I think he is the perfect person to be in the role of The Bachelor.

Among the girls, there are some interesting characters who made it in to the final 15. They all have different personalities so it will be interesting to see how  it plays out. Will I be defying my inner feminist and watching the rest of the series? Probably yes, I'm intrigued to see who Spencer ends up with.

Here is the trailer and you can watch the first on Demand 5 now.

The Bachelor airs every Friday