Song of the week.

So I am a couple of days late putting this post up but this song is worth is the wait, I promise!

Demi Lovato - Give your heart a break

For those of you thinking this is going to be some Disney pop song you couldn't be more wrong. Demi Lovato is one of my favorite singers.Not only is she beautiful inside and out, She also has a incredible voice. To me it has a rare soulful effortless sound to it.

This song is soulful and it tells a story of love and how relaitionships are not always happy go lucky the way in which we see in chick flicks. It also tells us that does not mean that we should give up on it either. I really like this and have been listening to it a lot recently. Demi Lovato is back and as cliche as this may sound better than ever.

Good for her :)

If you haven't heard the song yet...what you waiting for?!

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