New haul

So i don't normally do these kind of post but i am really happy with what i have brought recently so i thought i would share it with you :)

Nivea Express Hydration hand cream
I love this, it i relatively new and it keeps my hands soft. I apply it a few times a day. I have tried a few hand creams and this is my favorite. It works and it doesn't  make my hand feel sticky like some hand creams do. 

Figs and Rogues Coco Vanilla Balm
This is the first Figs and Rouges I have used and I am in love with it. Keeps my lips hydrated and it smells amazing. I apply it before I put lipstick on and it keeps them smooth and healthy. 

Loreal Caresse Rogue Lipstick. 
I brought the pink (501) colour. It lived up to what i had read about it, it is smooth, glossy and last a while. I am thinking about getting a different colour in it. It i light and wearable in hot weather too which is great if you are going on holiday or anything like that. I am a huge lover of lipsticks and this is in my top 4. 

Garnier BB Cream 
Why have I only just discovered BB Creams! When i brought this i wasn't sure which one to get but I had tried this one and I loved it so i decided to invest it and I have not looked back since. It is perfect just for a day time glow and when you don't feel like wearing foundation or heavy make up. Again, a definite to take on holiday if you are planning to go anywhere. 

Hope you enjoyed this :) 

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