Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is a new American new show featuring the beautiful actress and style icon Rachel Bilson. She plays  a 20 something city girl Zoe Hart moving in to a mall town called Blubell. The show sees her completely out of her comfort zone as she tries to find her way in her first job as a doctor in a town where everyone knows each other...and everything about them. While doing this, she also tries to figure out her personal life, something we get the impression she neglected while studying at med school. The show see Zoe go through experience in her life such as using a generator for example and going on date for the first time in her life. 

The show is only around 4 episodes in on Really TV but i genuinely love it. I am a Rachel Bilson fan anyway from her OC days but this show is good time American Show. It ha drama, love, twists and turns. The show makes me laugh too. You'd expect storylines like this to be over done in films (Sweet Home Alabama ) but in fact it is fresh and the cast is great. Rachel Bilson plays the role of Zoe Hart very well. The other roles are well cast and the main cast do the show justice. I will admit it is probably a bit more girly show but it is one of my favorite things to watch at the moment. If you want a feel good yet dramatic show to watch, this is the one. 

Also, before i forget if you are a fashion junkie, this show has everything from country girl conservative outfits to Rachel Bilson's great style and outfits :). 

If you want to watch it, it comes on really on mondays 8.00 PM