Beautiful - Katie Piper

This book came out last year so i am a bit behind in reading it but i finished reading it with one I was familiar with Katie Piper's story as i am sure most of you are too so i kind of knew what to expect but the detail it goes through about what she went through is phenomenal. I already thought of her as a very inspirational people but after reading the book, made that much more evident! 

The book is her autobiography telling the story of her ordeal. Katie Piper was a victim of rape and vicious acid attack. In the book, she tells her story from the beginning in very big detail. She talks about everything from the treatment she faced to the personal scars that the attack left her in. The book then goes on to talk about the place in she in today and how she got overcame her demons to get to this point. 

The book made me cry and showed what an incredible inspiration the lovely Katie Piper is. 

If you want to know more about Katie Piper.

Here is her twitter page
Here is the link to the foundation she founded. 
The link to her documentary - which i am going to watch.  

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