Bare Minerals starter kit!

So i think i should probably warn you, i don't pretend to know a whole heck of a lot about make up. Recently, though i decided that it was about time i became a girl and invest in some make up that i could use everyday. I wanted something that wasn't heavy and didn't make me look too over full of make up (if that makes any sense) cue me looking in to getting the bare minerals tarter kit. (I know i know it has been around for a while)

A few of my friends have used this product and are very impressed with it so i decided to go to the counter and see if it was worth investing in. I definitely wasn't disappointed. The guy at the counter demonstrated it by applying the foundation that suited my skin on me. I have used foundation and tinted moisturizer before and i hate the sticky feeling that some of these products can have on you. The effects of bare minerals is that not only the product natural and healthy for your skin unlike most make up but also i didn't feel like i was drowning in layers of make up. I use the foundation as a concealer around my eye and it works really well

What i also liked about this kit is that it came with a DVD which is made by the CEO of bare minerals about how to use the product which for someone who has limited experience in using make up it really does help. At £49.00 the kit may seem pricey but it worth every penny. 

The starter Kit include:

If you want to know where to start in terms of make up this is defiantly where to start. 

Have you tried it? let me know what you think :)

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