A lot of chatter

It's that time of year again when chat shows are on TV. I personally think this is something British Television does really really well. I love shows like Chatty Man and Graham Norton especially when they have interesting people on the shows. Here's why...

  1. The Graham Norton Show - I like the fact this isn't just a chat show, depending on who he has on there are games and live performances from musicians which make the show too. A good chat show host is funny, charming, talking and always entertaining and this is exactly what he brings to the show and one of the reasons why i love this chat show.
  2. Alan Carr Chatty Man - What makes this show is how relaxed it is, it seems fun to do and there is always laughter from the stars to Alan Carr. This show has everything from amazing guests to a great host.
Both of these chat shows are on right now so if you like chat shows, make sure you watch them :).