It's all about organising

The majority of people always ask me how I stay organised. So, i thought i would do this post to show you all. It took me a while to get this organised but with college and and everything that was going on a few years  i had no choice to become more organised and it has helped me loads! 

First of all you need these two books: 1 - a page day to day diary ( I got mine from WHSmith)  and 2: a filofax. (This is from Paperchase in Euston Station) 

You use both of these differently. I use the filofax to keep in my purse and write down any Appointments, Meetings or Deadlines personally or for uni. This helps you make sure you remember everything and also shows you how your week is going to shape up. This usually helps me be realistic about how much uni work i will get done that week for example. I also use this to plan how many words i will do per day for my essays or assignments for uni. 

I then, mostly on a Sunday fill out my day to day activities. This particular week was during my exams so it is mainly filled with revision and stuff. This may seem neurotic and over controlling for most of you, i know when some of my friends see they are a bit surprised but there are many reasons i do this. 

I would encourage people who do not deal well with last minute to do this because it has helped me loads. Just remember two things.

How do you stay organised and what do you think?

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