Film Review - Avengers Assemble!!!

So, if you know me you know i love comic book heroes. Always have, probably always will. I have been mega excited to watched the new Avengers film since i found out it was being made and my god it did not disappoint. Not many films make me jump but this one did countless times actually!

The film centers around Loki from Thor who decides to wreck havoc on earth causing a government agency to recreated an old programme known as Avengers Assemble by Nick Fury played by Samuel L Jackson. This is a group of superheroes including Captain America, Thor, Hulk and the Black Widow to name a few. The film shows them overcoming personal issues such as Starks ego, Hulk's anger e.c.t while trying to save the world. It captivates you from the moment the film start putting you in to this fantasy world which you remain entrapped in for the next two hours happily. The film eventually has an ultimately happy ending but the film is high in action (crashes gallore), triumph (fighting evil), sadness (death and destruction), laughter with a hint of comedy which the writers use to allow the release of tension for the viewer. It is intense but then, what would you expect? it is a action film and they are usually really intense.

I thought X Men first class will ultimately be the best comic book hero film i have ever seen. This was until i saw the Avengers. Trust me, if you like action films, you will love this! Unlike most superhero films you see, there is very little if any love interest in the film (Penny played by Gywenth Palthrow makes an appearance) but it is a mere by product of the actual film unlike for example superman and Louis Lane, Wolverine and Jean for example which played a bit more in the films.

The cast brings a lot to the film too, the mix of Joss Whedon and the acting capabilities of the ever beautiful Scarlet Johansen, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downing Jr and Samuel L Jackson (Who are all some of the best actors at the moment) to name a few how could this film not be as amazing as it is.? no wodner it is breaking box office records!

Watch the trailer here

You won't regret it :)

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