To help or not to help

"Philanthropy should be encouraged not discouraged" 
-  Kate Blanchett

That quote was on ITV News (Yes, i know i actually watched ITV for news - i was being lazy ) The point is though Kate Blanchett has a point. This came after the news that the Coalition Government decided to make charities pay tax essentially. This is a huge mistake, especially in today's society where charities are already facing financial problems. Add in the fact that we are at a time when people need these services it is concerning.  Having worked with None profit organisations and Charities in the past, i understand the hard work that the people from all aspect are passionate about the work they do and the difference which it makes. 

It will be a shame if many charities will have to cut projects because of this new initiative of the government. I am not saying people should not pay tax, i understand that it should be made. The problem is however, charities do not make money. They do not exist to make profits, they have to rely heavily on funding and bids to gain money for projects especially the small charities which will be affected most by this. 

Going back to Kate Blanchett's quote, which i love. She has a huge point. This new tax will have the potential to stop people setting up new charities. It shows the governments main focus is not for helping people but their main focus is the economy. There needs to be more of an emphasis on a balance. They should not be neglecting one and focusing on the other. That is not the way a society functions and is definitely not the way it should be. People should be able to want to help those who are less fortunate than them. It is a part of being human and i for one agree with Kate, it is a quality that should be encouraged not discouraged. 

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