One Tree Hill

So by tomorrow in America One Tree Hill will have aired it's last episode. I thought it was fitting to explain why i love this show. It is the show i talk most about, i am collecting the boxset, i watch each season at least twice, i follow the cast on twitter and i tweet a lot about it and quotes from it too. 

One Tree Hill is a phenomenal Television show, the fact that it lasted nine years should be enough to tell you that. The basic plot line was about two brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott who lives suddenly are brought together. Everything from their girlfriends, friendship circles and personalities change. They go through a lot as characters from shootings to weddings and car crashes. Here are the reasons why i love the show.

I could go on but i know chances are that it could bore so you know what i am going to show you instead. Here are some of my favorite sceness. One Tree Hill - it has been great, thank you. 

Season 4 - although i have to admit this probably also has something to do with my love for spice girls as well the show. 

Season 4 again :) 

There are so so so many more but there are not any video's of them so here are some others.