It's all about Coachella...

So this month has seen the start of music festivals. The first big one has taken place in America. If you haven't heard of it yet, where have you been?! It was of course coachella! The biggest music festival to hit America. It took place Indio and had one of the best line ups. It featured everyone from the lyrical genius Eminem and Dr Dre to Radio head.

I have to admit reading about all the American people i follow on twitter (including the likes of Kate Bosworth and Emma Watson) i really wanted to be there. The festival was so in demand and recognized internationally youtube actually provided us all with a live stream of the performances. Coachella has a youtube channel but, here are some of my favorite performances from the first weekend of the festival. The festival has two weekend the second taking place this weekend.

What i like about Coachella and why i think it appeal to many people is that it is not just a one genre festival. It literally features acts ranging from Indie to Rock and to Hip Hop. I wish i could have watched these acts live, would have been amazing. Dr Dre actually caused controversy by showing a image of Tupac when he was performing with Snoop Dogg. I think it freaked people out because people didn't expect it but it shows how much Tupac is still respected in the world of hiphop.

Bon Iver - this was so beautiful to listen too.

Arctic Monkeys - Florescent Adolescence (I love this song)

Kaiser Chiefs - I predict a riot looks amazing live! 

Eminem ft Dr Dre (as amazing as you would expect it to be) 

Happy Listening!!! 

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