It started with an idea (ISWAI)

It started with an Idea or ISWAI as it known is the new clothing line from singer Caggie Dunlop who became known on the show Made in Chelsea. It was launched yesterday and oh my god, it is amazing. I have been waiting ages for her to release it and was so glad when 7pm came around and she launched the site. Of course, it took ages and i didn't actually get to the site because it kept crashing. That is how awesome it is :) At the moment there are 5 different t-shirts on sale. Each representing something different, they are Da Vinci, New York, Religion, Universe Light and Universe Dark. My favourites are Da Vinci and New York but they are all great and at £42.00 which is not bad considering they are one of a kind. 

What i also like about this is that they are actually clothing which Caggie would and does wear. I can totally see her rocking out to her new York  t shirt on Made in Chelsea which shows how personal this is to her. She keeping her waiting and keen too as on the website there are mentions of a new project which i cannot wait to hear more about. 

Curious? you should be take a look at the whole collection here on her website. it also tells you a bi of the designers and where they were inspired from. 

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