It's such a hard topic to talk about isn't . A lot of people don't even realise how common it is. It affects a lot more people than we think. Some are diagnosised and others are not. Depression is a serious condition which affects the mental condition of the person affected. It gives them the overwhelming sense of feeling hopeless, sad, unloved, unnecessary. I know these seems emotions people feel everyday but not everybody snaps out of it after a few days. In some cases people can feel like that for numerous years yet it is not talked about much. This is the difference between just feeling sad and actual depression. To me, this is a shame because i definitely know that if more people were able to talk about it, more likely they would ask for help. In asking for help they can get guidance and eventually move out of the depression and try and enjoy the rest of their lives. There are many things people do not know. For example, depression can be cured without having to go see a shrink. It can be healed by that person themselves simply being surrounded by people that care about them.

If you know someone who you feel is going through this, be there for them. I know it is harder aid than done in most cases but keep at it i promise you it will be worth it and that person will most likely be glad they had you to lean on for support. If you are not sure how you can help them start by telling them you love them and will be there for them and then take them to see a doctor if you need too.

There is some information on the NHS website which is pretty good and easy to read and understand.

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